Commercial Landscaper & HOA Landscaper
Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

From a broken main line, to major tree damage from an Arizona monsoon, Elaborate Landscape Management is here to take care of your every need during any emergency!

480-370-5263 option 9

The moment we receive the call, we begin handling the situation so you can go back to handling what matters most!

  • ELM will respond as soon as possible to every emergency call
  • In the case of multiple emergencies; Emergencies will be handled in order of liability/severity
  • If we are unable to resolve the matter completely at arrival, where applicable
      • Access ways (Roads, Sidewalks, etc.) will be cleared
      • Water will be shut off
      • Liability will be mitigated
  • Your property will be placed at the start of the following day/business day based on urgency

Any Service, Any Time

We are proud to offer Emergency Response for ALL of the services we offer! From maintenance to weed abatement we can respond within 24 hour’s notice to resolve whatever you have on your plate.

When the city is sending fines, or a tenant is threatening a lawsuit, leave it to Elaborate Landscape Management to resolve the matter quickly and correctly the first time to remove all worries!